Waste Processing

Focused on Your Needs

While other waste-disposal companies tend to focus on only one disposal method, Petro Waste is devoted to providing options to handle all your needs. That’s why we are designing and engineering our network of facilities to be capable of processing and disposing of the full spectrum of oil field waste streams. Petro Waste offers the oil and gas industry simplified, streamlined waste-management solutions for all non-hazardous E&P waste.

PWE can process:

  • Drill cuttings – broken bits of solid materials produced by drilling a borehole that can be water-based and oil-based, dependent on the mud type
  • Drilling fluids – water-based and oil-based fluids used to transport cuttings to the surface
  • Flowback water – clean and dirty hydraulic fracturing fluids that flow back to the surface carrying such constituents as gels, sand, water, fracturing chemicals, oil and saltwater from the subsurface formation
  • Produced water – naturally existing water pulled out of the producing formations along with the oil and gas throughout the life of the well
  • Tank bottoms/tank sludge – slurries of solids, oils and water that settle to the bottom of various tanks and vessels
  • Contaminated soils – waste associated with spills of any E&P non-hazardous wastes
  • Other non-hazardous E&P wastes