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Everywhere You Drill, for the Way You Drill Today

The exploration and production of oil and gas is a far different enterprise than it was only a decade ago. The new technologies and processes being used to drill for oil and gas today, specifically horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, produce large quantities of solids, as well as high-solids-content waste fluids.

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) regulates all these forms of non-hazardous oil field wastes, including drill cuttings, flow-back muds and all of the other waste streams we process. Oil-based drill cuttings must be taken to a facility permitted by the RRC. Flow-back water must be processed to remove solids and hydrocarbons before it is sent to a saltwater disposal plant (SWD), or it must be solidified before disposal at a RRC-permitted facility.

Petro Waste Environmental LP (PWE) focuses on disposing of these waste streams efficiently and cost effectively. We are constructing an extensive networks of state-of-the-art, RRC-permitted facilities consisting of large regional solid waste disposal facilities supplemented by numerous smaller satellite processing facilities.  The regional facilities are designed to accommodate solid waste and semi solid waste and the satellite processing facilities handle waste streams with higher liquid content.  This infrastructure design will make us not only one of the safest, but also one of the most efficient and cost effective options for E&P companies to select for the processing and disposal of their solid and fluid oil field wastes.  PWE’s goal is to be no more than 30 miles from exploration and production activity throughout the regions where we operate.

Many currently available disposal options require long, expensive transports. Petro Waste can provide what you need, where you need it. This can mean dramatically reduced transportation costs and minimized environmental impacts. Petro Waste’s expertise, proven processes and design to assist our personnel, and dedication to high standards of safety and regulatory compliance let you concentrate on your business, while allowing us to handle your waste with a sense of confidence.